Bible Browser, Miracles in the Bible, and Speaking to God

The information within the Bible outline browser are also contained with the interlinear Bibles in Logos. When you right-click a word in the Biblical text, you see the layers of information on the text on the right side. These things are seen in a different way in the Bible browser.

Some of the sets of information include:

Parables of the Bible

Logos description: "Quickly find every parable in the Bible, and see it's speaker, audience, and type. Identify whether the parable is designed to instruct, promise, rebuke, or warn readers."

Angels, Demons, and Deities of the Bible

Logos description: "Pinpoint specific references to an angel, demon, or deity, and then narrow your search to find where they're mentioned by a particular author, called by a specific name, what region they're associated with, and other important details."

Theophanies in the Bible

Logos description: "God spoke to Abraham, appeared to Moses in the burning bush, and revealed himself in visions to prophets. Logos makes it easy to locate these manifestations and narrow occurrences by time, person, and form."

Prophets, Priests, Regents, and Judges

Logos description: "Quickly find everywhere, for instance, a specific prophet is mentioned. Get a quick list of every priest in the Bible. Find essential information like the god a prophet served, the region a king ruled, and other details."

Commands and Questions in the Bible

Logos description: "We've tagged every command and question in the Bible, distinguishing them with labels like "advice," "request," "wish," and other typs of statements. Want to see everywhere Isaiah warned the Israelites? Now you can with a simple search."

Figurative Language

Logos description: "Examine the figurative use of a biblical word, phrase, or concept. Find every place in which “light” is used as a metaphor."

Sentence Types

Logos description: "Instantly find every imperative, interrogative, or declarative sentence within the New Testament."

Speech Acts

Logos description: "Search not just form but meaning; find rhetorical questions, personal pledges, and other precise kinds of speech acts."

Literary Types

Logos description: "See the literary genre of every verse or passage, including genres like poetry, narrative, Gospel, and more."

Just to reiterate, all of this information can also be seen in the right-click menu within the Bible.